Welcome to the Affiliate Page

Like what you see?  Want to benefit simply by telling others? Then our Affiliate Programme is perfect for you.

For every Video Made Easy for Business sign-up, we pay out a one-off payment of


(after the 30 day guarantee period). 

This means if for each month you introduce just 5 people, you would earn $650 for that month (that's $7,800 in a year), or 1 person a day would earn you $910 every week (that's $47,000 a year!).



And the great thing is you don't need to do anything except agree to the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.




Your unique affiliate code is stored when a visitor comes to our site from a link you have sent out. This is stored so whenever they buy access to Video Made Easy for Business we know who sent them to us.


This code links directly to your Video Made Easy for Business Affiliate account and means we can credit your account.


At the end of the published 30 day guarantee period we send a payment through PayPal into your chosen PayPal account. You only need to specify this once you have had your first successful signup.


There is no limit to the earnings or potential, but we do insist that you be clear, honest and moral in your communications and to not spam anyone nor do anything unethical to get people to purchase a Video Made Easy for Business program.


We passionately care about our Community of members and trust that you too will only have the best interests of prospective purchasers of Video Made Easy for Business at heart.


If we get reports of abuse or find that you are damaging the Video Made Easy for Business brand and/or reputation, we will not hesitate to suspend your Affiliate involvement.