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Video is NOT the future of marketing, it's already here!


People are saying 2015 is "THE YEAR OF VIDEO!"

I want to let you in on a few secrets about using high quality videos.....

Video breaks down barriers

Video increases conversions

Video is shared 3 times more often on social networks than any other content

The simple act of adding video to a sales page can double and sometimes quadruple the profits that page makes

And the ways to make money with video are almost infinite

I'm sure you already know that...

If there is ONE skill to master in 2015 that will ensure your success, it's making videos

So what if you could find EVERYTHING you need to know about getting started making video -all in ONE place?

We're talking about an easy to understand, easy to implement, step by step, non techie, non geekie program that will show you everything (I mean EVERYTHING!) you need to know on how to master making professional looking videos.  Well, look no further.......


Video Made Easy for Business

Video Made Easy for Business has been specifically created for anybody who wants to either start making videos, or to learn how to improve their video making skills

It doesn't have to cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn how to make great video, but some of the "Guru's" would like you to believe that!



“No matter what you require quality video footage for, Paul Godden’s

product “Video Made Easy for Business” truly WILL make it easier for you.

Paul totally over delivers with this program and having personally

seen the contents, I can tell you that everything you need to know,

or have been asking, about video, is in here, in an easy to understand

and navigate manner.

I would highly recommend ‘Video Made Easy for Business’ and THE product for

making your videos...easily”.

Trish Rock




The Question Is... What's Your Goal?

You want the simple skills that allow you to produce videos that not only set you apart from the crowd, but also put MORE MONEY in your pocket right?


Well, in Video Made Easy for Business I'm going to show you how to do exactly that and I WON'T ask you to go get a loan!


If you're not using video, you're going to be left behind and your competitors will be laughing all the way to the bank!  Now don't get upset with me for pointing out the truth, I'm here to HELP YOU start making awesome videos!


In the past few years, the use of video has absolutely exploded!


People are using video to sell:

  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products
  • Affiliate Products
  • Online Services and
  • Offline Services

Video drives traffic, builds backlinks, warms leads AND converts browsers into buyers better than ANYTHING else!

Considering the fact that even the best sales copy pages convert at under 5%, and video sales pages have converted at 38% (or more), which would you rather be using?


That's the power of video when you know how to leverage it's full potential and that's exactly what I'm going to teach you!


If you're thinking you might not be able to create killer videos that drive traffic and convert like crazy...STOP!


I have a confession, I am not a video techie nor do I have a degree in geekology. The truth is you don't have to be a Techie, Master, Guru, Ninja or any other fancy name people are calling themselves these days.


You just have to create stunning, high converting videos!



Despite having worked with video for over 30 years, I've had to learn heaps of stuff myself these past few years and I'm still on a steep learning curve – and that's just with video.  Don't get me started on having to learn website stuff and funnels and copywriting and auto responders and...I know you know what I'm talking about.


But it doesn't take much to figure out that everyone who

is 'successful' is using video in their business!


When Was The Last Time You Saw A Product Launch

Without A Video?


Not for years!  Think about it, everyone is using videos whether they follow a product launch formula or just add a video to a sales page. Well......


That's Exactly What I Am Going To Show You How To Do!


What I do want is to give you the opportunity to learn how to create and leverage the unstoppable power of video!   And at a no brainer, affordable price.


Is It Really Necessary To Pay over $2,000 to learn to make video? NO WAY!

Especially now that Video Made Easy for Business is available.


A few years ago I bought a course on how to make video and paid over $2000 for it!  Yes, it was a fantastic course, but you don't need to know how to make a Hollywood blockbuster to make video for your website or video product.

Here's What I've Heard People Say They Want And
It's Exactly What I'm Going To Give You!

You want video training that cuts out all the fluff and gets you making killer videos fast! You want to have the skills to create high converting, jaw dropping video that fills your pockets asap!


You're going to learn things like:

  • What video equipment is the best for your needs (and you'll be surprised how cheap it can be)
  • Techniques for overcoming any fears you have about being on camera
  • How To Use Simple Free Software to Edit Videos
  • How To Produce High Quality videos

It Doesn't Matter Which Way You Swing, PC or MAC.

I've got you covered! I'm even going to reveal some super secret resources that I've never shared with anyone!

I've spent the past 5 years finding these resources and it's time to reveal them so people can afford to make video without being ripped off!

The web has been shifting towards video for it's main marketing medium and it's only going to get bigger. Don't miss your chance to tap into the power of video while it's still taking off.


Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Are Getting Online Every

Day Which Means YOU Need To Have An Edge.


That's what I'm offering you with Video Made Easy for Business. There are so many things you can do when you can create videos.


Here's just a few possibilities:

  • Make Your Website Stand Out From The Rest
  • Drive STEADY, Massive Traffic to Any Page
  • Make Any Product Convert Better
  • Brand Yourself Or Your Business 
  • Create Training Videos For Yourself (or Others for BIg Bucks)
  • And much, much more.




"I'm very happy to pay full price - your course and resources are absolutely worth it.
Thanks again for all the work you've done to put this together Paul. I've been waiting
for you to launch it!"

Louise Brogan


Sydney, Australia



This isn't some Overview Course!


This is a full on training program! When you're finished, I guarantee that you will know more than 95% of all people attempting to do video.


I leave NOTHING out. Even the smallest detail is covered to make sure that you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.


But at the same time you're not going to go into 'information overload' because I've carefully selected only the things you NEED to know (and not the Hollywood Blockbuster stuff).



In Video Made Easy for Business, there are two Options.  The VME Gold program and the VME Platinum program.

Here's exactly what you'll learn inside each of the two programs

Video Made Easy for Business

Module 1 - Welcome and Overview


Module 2 - Planning Your Video Strategy

2.0 - Overview – Why plan?

2.1 - Identifying your Video Strategy

2.2 - Planning your Video Creation

2.3 - Video Distribution Strategy

Module 3 - Equipment Options

3.1 - Equipment Overview

3.2 - Cameras

3.3 - Microphones

3.4 - Tripods

3.5 - Lighting Indoors

3.6 - Lighting Outdoors

3.7 - Teleprompters

Module 4 – Writing Powerful Scripts

4.1 - Script Creation Overview

4.2 - 6 Step Script Writing Formula

4.3 - The 1 x 3 x 3 Script Writing Process 

4.4 - Introduction To The 5 Must Have Videos

4.5 - Website Welcome Script Formula

4.6 - Opt-In / Lead Page Video Script Formula

4.7 - About Me Video Script Formula

4.8 - Testimonial Video Script Formula

4.9 - Youtube Video Script Formula

Module 5 - Reducing the Fear Factor

5.1 - Overview - What is FEAR?

5.2 - The Four Big Fears

5.3 - The 3 Step Fear Destroying Process

5.4 - Afformations

5.5 - Befriending Your Fear

5.6 - The One Big Thing

5.7 - Making The Difference

5.8 - The 7 Minute Fear Busting Process

Module 6 - Step by Step Video Creation and Sharing

6.1 - Overview

6.2 - Video Making Tips

6.3 - Making Your First Video

6.4 - Uploading into Your Computer

6.5 - The Editing Process Demystified

6.6 - Editing - PC - WMM

6.7 - Exporting from WMM Live

6.8 - Editing - Mac - iMovie

6.9 - Exporting in iMovie

6.10 - Using Handbrake for PC

6.11 - Using Handbrake for Mac

6.12 - Uploading Video to Youtube

6.13 - Uploading Video to Amazon S3

6.14 - Using the Youtube Video Editor

The Six Modules are Valued at $ 1,947.00

PLUS you also get these valuable BONUSES

Bonus 1 - Audios and Transcripts of the Videos                                    (valued at $495)

Bonus 2 - Fill in the Blanks Templates                                                   (valued at $795)

Bonus 3 - 20 Royalty Free Music Tracks                                               (valued at $400)

Bonus 4 - 10 Royalty Free Video Backgrounds                                     (valued at $350)

Bonus 5 - Lifetime Upgrades of Video Made Easy for Business           (valued at $497)

Total value of Bonus Extras - almost $3,000.00   

So here’s what you get with Video Made Easy for Business:

I’ve held NOTHING back to give you everything you need.

So you get the complete training to create high quality,

 professional looking videos, with LIFETIME access for the

ONE TIME Investment of ONLY

$ 997.00

$ 497.00!


Or, For your convenience, we also have
an EASY PAYMENT option:

2 Monthly Investments of




I guarantee this will be the most easily understood and easily implemented program on the basics of making great video you will find and the best part is it's not going to cost you a couple months mortgage payments to learn it!

But in the unlikely event that you don’t find the program is everything I’ve claimed, then all you need to do is to make a video (as short as you like) asking for a refund.  Why a video?  Because I want you making and using video to support whatever you’re doing in your life and so at the very least you’ll have made one video.  And you have 30 days in which to make up your mind.

VME4B for Only $497


So what's it going to be? Are you going to learn how to create amazing videos and profit from them, or you are going to continue to watch your competitors and all the guru launches use video and look back and regret not taking action today?


Learn how you can OWN your niche, increase sales, increase conversions, drive traffic,

create better products, brand yourself and create professional looking sales videos that

will pay you over and over again!



Really looking forward to working with you and helping you master the powerful tool

called video.



See you on the inside for ‘Lights!  Cameras!  Success!’

(Paul Godden)


P.S. You get all the Modules and bonuses listed above plus some surprise unannounced bonuses that you'll kick yourself for if you don't buy today.